Mission Statement 

The Office of Student Affairs Compliance & Title IX strives to provide a safe campus environment free from all forms of sex discrimination. We accomplish our mission through a collaborative approach that primarily focuses on addressing reported misconduct and providing education to the Rutgers community. 

Addressing Misconduct: We are committed to facilitating equitable response and resolution to all reported incidents of sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, and related misconduct among students.  

Providing Education: We are proud to provide awareness of Title IX by offering trainings, education, and other outreach efforts to the Rutgers community. 

The following core values inform our work and guide our mission. 

Students and Community

We are committed to creating a community free from violence, where human dignity is of paramount importance. We listen to all student experiences without judgment and treat every student, faculty, and staff member with respect. 


We believe that Rutgers should be a safe learning environment for all students. We care for student well-being by taking immediate action to eliminate any harassment, prevent its reoccurrence, and address its effects. 


We educate the campus community by providing training and outreach events regarding consent, Title IX, and resource options for students. Additionally, we oversee educational processes and seek to promote continued learning. 


Our staff members maintain the highest of ethical standards by conducting prompt and thorough follow up for all allegations. We also ensure privacy throughout our process with respect to media and from all other uninvolved parties. 

Tradition and Pride 

By educating the community and appropriately addressing concerns, our office positively contributes to students’ life-long memories and affinity with Rutgers.