Pregnancy & Related Conditions

Students experiencing pregnancy or related conditions have equal access to education, employment, and other University programs and activities.

If you are experiencing pregnancy or a related condition and are looking for resources, accommodations, or support, please complete this form and the Title IX Office will contact you.

Title IX Rights

  • You have equal access to classes and activities. 
  • Your school/department cannot make you take time off if you don’t want to. However, they must provide you with withdrawal/re-enrollment information should you choose to explore that option.
  • You cannot be excluded from a special program because you are pregnant or experiencing a related condition. 
  • Your school/department cannot make you change your major or degree program because you are pregnant or experiencing a related condition. They also cannot force you to attend an alternate program, like an evening program. 
  • You can take part in activities for as long as you want. Your school/department cannot stop you from joining clubs, going to events, or participating in research unless the same rules apply for all students who have a temporary medical condition. 
  • Any lactating student has the right to a clean and private lactation space on campus. For a list of available on-campus lactation spaces, click here. If you do not see a convenient lactation space on this list, contact the Title IX Office for an alternative arrangement. 
  • If you feel any of the above rights have been violated, please contact the Title IX Office immediately. 

Resources Related to Title IX Rights

Reasonable Accommodations

Rutgers University is committed to providing a supportive environment for all students and employees, including those who are pregnant or experiencing pregnancy-related conditions. To help facilitate this, Rutgers University will provide reasonable accommodations to students and employees for pregnancy or related conditions (inclusive of adoption/foster care/partners/loss/etc.)

  • Examples of reasonable accommodations may include: 
    • Excused absences 
    • Extra time on assignments 
    • Rescheduling exams missed due to pregnancy or childbirth 
    • Seating accommodations  
    • Considerations related to food, water, or restroom access 
    • Altering experiential requirements like clinical rotations, fieldwork, or internships 
    • Access to a clean and private lactation space on campus 

To request accommodations, please fill out this form and someone from the Title IX Office will contact you. If you want to learn more about available options but are uncomfortable disclosing information via this form, you can contact the Title IX Office at 848-932-8200,, or  schedule a meeting on our booking page.